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Project of the Month: Master Bath with a Doorless Walk-in Shower

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A master bath is a homeowner’s personal space. When a bathroom doesn’t meet the needs of the users it may be time for a change. A master bath in a Jamesville, NY home that was built in 2000 did not provide a comfortable retreat for the homeowners who prefer a walk-in shower to a tub and wanted to add a heated floor. We worked with them to redesign the bathroom and the way the space functions for them.

Master Bath with a Doorless Walk-in Shower

This stunning and practical master bathroom remodel features a doorless walk-in shower and heated floor.

Homeowners’ Objectives:

1.  Change the design.

The homeowners wanted to rework the design of their 9-by-13½-foot master bathroom that presented the following problems: 

  • There was a large tub with a deck that took up most of the space in the room. A small shower was not adequate.
  • There was a window on the wall where the tub was placed that brought natural light into the room but required a shade for privacy and needed for be addressed in the new design.
  • The entry door opened into the bathroom and against the shower door.
  • More practical storage was needed.

BEFORE: Master Bath

BEFORE: This photo shows the problems the owner described including the small shower, a door that opened close to the shower, the large tub with a deck and a glass window.

2.  Replace the tub with a doorless walk-in shower.

The tub wasn’t used often but the small shower was. The homeowners wanted to replace the tub with a large doorless walk-in shower designed for easy access and maintenance.

BEFORE: Master Bath Tub

BEFORE: The whirlpool tub was in good condition but it was not often used.

3.  Update the cabinets, counters, sinks and lighting.

In redesigning the bathroom the homeowners wanted to update fixtures. The original bathroom had laminate counters with drop-in sinks, very little storage space, a large mounted mirror with down light fixtures and inadequate lighting in the tub and shower areas.

BEFORE: Master Bath Vanity

BEFORE: The original cabinets, laminate countertops, mirror with down lights and drop-in sinks.

4.  Add new flooring.

One of the owner’s specifications for the project was to add a heated floor to the room. 

McClurg’s Solutions:

1.  Redesign the master bath space.

The new design created a 7-foot wide doorless walk-in shower. A wall was moved 3½ feet to accommodate the unit. The double window cutout would be retained and become part of the shower to bring in natural light and provide privacy. A pocket door would be placed in the entry to alleviate the problem of the door opening into the room. 

Master Bath Floor Plan

The floor plan shows the reconfiguration of the master bath.


Master Bath Vanity Concept Drawing

This concept drawing for the cabinet placement includes an elegant cabinet design that adds style. A 10-foot vanity with a storage tower and base cabinets with storage drawers was factored into the plan.

2.  Add a doorless walk-in shower.

The new walk-in shower without doors has a glass surround with a kneewall. The window was replaced by diamond cut glass set on a smooth plane within the shower so that water will not accumulate on the framing.

A custom Onyx shower base with a low threshold and Onyx shower wall panels with a stone tile gloss finish (Slate Stone 12-by-12 inch tile design in “Spanish Moss”) were used for the shower.

The shower includes a wall niche, a shower seat, a wall-mounted rainfall showerhead, a handheld showerhead and a sealed can light in the ceiling.

Walk-in Shower With Diamond Pattern Glass Block Window

The diamond pattern glass block window provides privacy and brings natural light into the walk-in shower.

3.  Install new cabinets, countertops and fixtures.

Cabinetry was reconfigured to create a 10-foot wide vanity with two sinks, two base cabinets with drawers and a storage tower. The wall mirror was replaced with two individual mirrors placed over each sink.

The homeowners wanted a unique stylish upscale look for the bathroom and selected the following products:

  • Cherry wood cabinets from Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinets with a “Burnished Nutmeg” finish.
  • A granite vanity countertop – “Green Dragon” from Busch Products.
  • Cabinet hardware from Top Knobs.
  • Panasonic quiet vent lights for the toilet area and shower.
  • A pendant light near the entry to the room.

Master Bath Vanity With Dual Sinks

This 10-foot vanity has undermount basin sinks, a spectacular granite counter top, a storage tower and new faucets.

4.  Install a heated flooring system.

The original ceramic flooring was replaced with 12-by-12 inch tile from Dobkin Tile – “Marble Botticino” in a honed finish. The heated flooring system and thermostat are from SunTouch.

Master Bath With Heated Floor

The new floor tile updates the look of the room and now can be heated for comfort.