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Upgrades for Half Bathrooms

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It seems that remodeling a half bath should be easy. Install a sink, toilet and mirror and you’re done, right? Think again. These small rooms are located in the mainstream of a home and tend to get a lot of use. The limited allotment of space requires careful planning when selecting and installing fixtures for aesthetics, privacy, and function.

Half baths can be designed for both utility and aesthetics. Why not add some upgrades? Here are a few great upgrades to consider for your half bath remodel:

Choosing a Sink

Pedestal sinks have sculptural styling and are great for small spaces. Bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When selecting a pedestal sink, check out the rim around the bowl. In a small bathroom, there should be an edge wide enough to hold a bar of soap or a dispenser of liquid soap.

Vessel sinks are installed with one-hole cut into the surface, rather than a full cutout, and conserve counter space. Vessel sinks are used primarily for hand washing and work well in a powder room layout. They are stylish and versatile and can be mounted on cabinetry, a piece of furniture or on a shelf.




In a kitchen, counter surfaces can really drive up renovation costs. However, a half bath requires a small amount of counter surfacing, maybe 2 or 3 linear feet. This may be the place for marble or other high-end surfacing. Quartz or granite are great options for bathroom counters.




There are a few options for lighting in half bathrooms: vanity lighting, sconces, or overhead lighting. Sometimes a combination of these is best. Because vanity lighting is designed specifically for bathrooms, it uses very little space and provides ample lighting. Sconces are a great option for small bathrooms that have a single sink, as they can be installed on either side of the mirror to produce a well-balanced lighting look. And finally, overhead lighting is always a great option for small spaces because it takes up absolutely no surface or wall space.



Bold Wall Color and Wallpaper

People are often under the impression that a small room should be painted white or another neutral color to make it appear larger. The reality is that you can use color and wallpaper in a small bathroom space to add architectural interest, character, and to showcase the elements. 



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