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How to Get Your Deck Ready for Summer Fun

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Apr 26, 2016

Next week marks the beginning of May and Deck Safety Month®. Now that the snow has melted it’s time to check your deck to be sure it is ready for the summer months ahead.

Here are seven areas of a deck that should be routinely checked every spring for problems:

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6 Areas of Your Home to Check for Winter Damage

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Apr 12, 2016

The weather we encounter each winter here in Central New York — harsh winds, heavy snow loads, icicles, rain and snow that freezes and thaws — can cause significant damage to our homes.

Early spring is the ideal time to inspect your home, both inside and out, for signs of trouble. Spotting problems early is essential to keeping your home and property in good condition and minimizing repair costs.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Central New York Winter

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Nov 25, 2014

It’s important to regularly inspect your house for wear and tear. Now is the time to prepare for the winter months ahead by checking both the inside and the exterior of your home for signs of damage or deterioration. Finding a problem during a routine check and fixing it right away may save you money and aggravation. If you do find a problem, or suspect a problem, consider contacting a home repair specialist.

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What to Do When You Have a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim [Bookmark This]

Posted by Scott McClurg on Tue, Apr 8, 2014

In Central New York our homes are vulnerable to damage by weather and there are times some of us will experience damage due to flooding, fire or other circumstances. We all carry homeowners insurance to cover the cost of damage due to unpredictable events. So, why is it difficult to file and get paid for a claim?

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Mar 25, 2014

The past five months have produced one of the coldest winters on record in Central New York. With the start of spring, now is the time to inspect your home for winter damage, both inside and out. Our “Spring Home Maintenance Tips” is a guide on what to check for in and around your home. If you suspect a problem or are unsure if you have a problem, we recommend contacting a professional contractor.

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Redecorating Ideas for Wallpapered and Masonry Walls

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Dry Rot

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, May 29, 2012

Your home is mostly likely one of your greatest investments. To protect your investment, it is important to be able to spot small problems before they become major expenses. Dry rot is one of those problems.

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Downsizing? 10 Tips to Make the Most of Less Space

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

People look for smaller homes and quarters for a variety of reasons. First time homeowners find that a small home is an affordable option to paying rent. Empty nesters may need less space once the kids have moved out. Changes in family life and finances are often the incentives for people to sell a large home and to seek a smaller house with less of a tax and mortgage burden. Other advantages of a smaller home are less upkeep and often reduced heating costs.

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Why You Need to Check Your Chimney Now

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Aug 30, 2011

As summer draws to an end, this is the ideal time to get our homes ready for winter. One thing you’ll definitely want to check is your chimney, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace that you will be using when cold weather hits.  

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How to Identify Electrical System Problems: A Home Safety Checklist

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Jul 12, 2011

Can you imagine living without electricity? I can’t. Ever since Edison invented the light bulb, we have come to depend on electricity to meet our basic needs. Homes today are filled with electrical appliances and gadgets. Faulty wiring, receptacles, lighting and appliances, as well as overloaded systems, can create hazards in your home.

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