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A Special Thanksgiving for the Johnson Family: Reasons to Give Thanks [Photos]

Posted by Scott McClurg on Tue, Nov 20, 2012

When we think about our friends, Dave and Diana Johnson and their large loving family, it gives us a warm feeling to know they will gather this Thanksgiving to share dinner and celebrate the blessings of family and friends in the home rebuilt by hundreds of friends, neighbors and local businesses. The Johnsons have touched the lives and hearts of Central New Yorkers by their abiding love and faith, which they put into action by opening their home and hearts to children in need of a safe place and a family.

We put together this collage of photos from “The Johnson Family Home Project” to thank those who participated in the project. Hundreds volunteered or donated items to help the family with much needed repairs and renovations they could not do on their own. We believe that home is where the heart is and we wish them well in the days ahead.  

Happy Thanksgiving,

-The McClurg Team

The Johnson Family Home Project: Reason to Give Thanks

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family
(Photo credit: Today's CNY Woman magazine)


Bob Whitehead Diana and Dave Johnson Scott McClurg

Project Leaders SDF Captain Bob Whitehead and Scott McClurg
Greet Diana and Dave Johnson


Syracuse Firefighters at Work

Syracuse Firefighters Begin Demolition


The Demolition Day Crew

 The Demolition Day Crew


Construction Begins

Hundreds Helped with Construction


Unexpected work

Even the Unexpected Couldn't Slow Things Down for This Crew



Pat White (J & J Landscaping) Spearheaded the Exterior Landscaping Work
with Members of the Central NYS Nursery Landscape Association

Family Room

Volunteers Made Draperies, Pillows, Painted and Designed the Family Room


Syracuse Firefighters Greet the Johnson Family

Syracuse Firefighters Welcome the Johnson's to Their New Home


The Johnsons Return Home

The Johnson Family Returns Home


The McClurg Team

Some of the McClurg Team Volunteers


Johnson Project Company Supporters

THANK YOU! to the 154 Local Businesses Who Volunteered and Supported
the Johnson Family Home Project


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