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How an Entryway Update Can Transform Your Home

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Oct 18, 2011

Entryway RenovationThe entryway to a home often defines what one can expect to see when they open the door to the rest of the house. Talk to any realtor and they will tell you that “curb appeal” is one of the most important features of a house when selling a property or finding a home for a buyer.  The exterior of a home can greatly impact its value.

If you’re thinking about updating your home why not begin at the entrance? There are so many options for creating a welcoming entryway that HGTV features a show on the topic, “Curb Appeal”, to provide tips for improving the exterior of your home.

When you look at the exterior of your home what do you see?

  • Are the colors appealing?

  • Is the paint and siding in good condition?

  • Is the entryway unified with the architecture of the rest of the house?

  • Are the stairs and walkway in good condition and an attractive accent to the home?

  • Do the lighting fixtures complement the home? Is there adequate lighting?

  • How does the landscaping look? Does it add to the appeal of your home or has it become overgrown or died out in spots?

  • Is the entry door in good shape? Is it attractive?

  • Does your driveway detract from the appeal of your home?

Update Your Entryway

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money improving the interior of your home, maybe it’s time to address “curb appeal” with an entryway renovation that will give the façade a facelift.

You may want to work with a remodeler on the details of this type of a home project for optimal results.

Consider adding a covered entry, porch, new railings, siding, moldings, trims, columns or decking.

Small improvements can also help spruce up an exterior entryway. Here are 9 entryway ideas:

  1. Painting. When you paint an entryway, consider using colors that work together and use a hue on the door that will “pop”.  Don’t forget the mailbox. If you’re not confident about selecting colors you could get some great ideas from paint manufacturers. Benjamin Moore, Pittsburg Paints and others make choosing exterior colors easy for homeowners by providing palettes, brochures and online color displays.

  2. Repairing stairs and walkways. Cracked and chipped stairs are not only unsightly but they are hazards. This is one repair you shouldn’t postpone. If your walk is paved clean the pavers, be sure they are in place, pull weeds and add filler to maintain the walk.

  3. Changing light fixtures. This is a quick way to enhance the look of an entry. There are now compact florescent bulbs made for outdoor use that will cut your energy costs and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Try using solar lights to accent a walk or garden.

  4. Pruning back the landscape. Trim the trees and shrubs but also pay attention to perennial gardens that can become overgrown or host weeds. Add mulch and edging to gardens to keep perennials healthy, weed-free and contained.

  5. Installing a new door. Choose a door that complements the architecture of your home.

  6. Repairing masonry. A deteriorating brick façade, chimney or stairs makes your home look rundown. Check for cracks in bricks and crumbling mortar. Repairing masonry is tricky. You may be able to do some minor repairs but for the best results consult a professional mason.

  7. Cleaning siding. The weather can cause home siding to look dirty or chalky. Mildew and plant residue from trees create dark spots on siding.  If you notice these changes, cleaning the siding is a simple way to spruce up the exterior.

  8. Resealing the driveway. A worn, cracked driveway diminishes the appearance of any home. Resealing will rejuvenate the surface appearnace and help it last longer.

  9. Adding decorative touches. Potted plants, wreaths or seasonal door hangings, an attractive doorknocker, an embellished doorbell button, a banner, a personalized plaque or new house numbers and hardware will brighten up an entryway.

What would you like to do most to update your entryway?

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