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Creating Your New Home Office

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, May 5, 2020

As our new normal shifts to us working from home more often, creating a space dedicated to your workday can make all the difference. It can help you to be more productive, keep a workday routine, and will allow you to check-out of work when the day has finished.

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5 Most Popular Home Improvements

Posted by Brian Ciota on Thu, Apr 23, 2020

As you spend extra time at home this month, you may be noticing all those home improvement projects you've been waiting to tackle. Now is the perfect time to start planning out your future renovations! If you aren't sure which project you should attempt first, here's a list of the five most popular home improvements and the instant benefits they can add to your home—

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Your Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Brian Ciota on Wed, Mar 18, 2020

Keeping up with home maintenance can seem overwhelming, but taking care of small tasks throughout the year can help save you time and money down the road. We know regular home maintenance tasks are not always top of mind, so we broke down a timeline of to-dos for you to ensure your home is running safely and efficiently:

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2020 Home Design Trends

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Feb 17, 2020

2020 is in full swing and it's time to finally make those design changes you have been putting off. Are you not sure what steps you need to take to stay ahead of the design trends of the new decade? We’ve compiled a list to keep your home stylish, trendy, and beautiful.

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with these Backyard Remodeling Trends

Posted by Brian Ciota on Thu, Jun 27, 2019

With summer finally in the air in Upstate NY, there is no better time to transform your outdoor living space than now! We’re here to bring you the latest in backyard remodeling trends so you can spend less time inside and more time soaking up the sun in your new backyard oasis.

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5 Spring Renovation Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Apr 29, 2019


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Universal Design: How to Make Your Home Age-Friendly

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Mar 26, 2019

No one likes to think about aging, but if you want to age in place at home, planning for a time when you or your partner may not be as mobile can be to your benefit. This is where Universal Design comes into play. By incorporating these types of age-friendly renovations into your home, it will become more accessible and easier to get around, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Below, we cover some of the simple ways you can start implementing Universal Design elements in your home without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, so your home can retain your sense of style while becoming more age friendly for the future.

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Post-Winter Checklist: Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Spring

Posted by Brian Ciota on Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Even if you are an avid winter sports advocate, if you live in CNY, you’re likely getting excited for spring now that February has finally arrived. The thought of sunshine and flowers blooming on the trees surely brings a smile to your face…until you think of all the chores you have to do to get your house ready for the spring season. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a checklist of the things you should do to prepare for the brighter days ahead in one convenient place.

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5 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas to Try in 2019

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Jan 21, 2019

A new year means new design trends for your home. If your kitchen needs an update, now is the perfect time to look at what’s trending in 2019 so you can stay ahead of the curve, and have a kitchen that’s both functional and stylish. There are several new kitchen design trends that show no signs of going anywhere soon. Whether you want to give your space a modern pop of color, or you’re envisioning a simple yet rustic atmosphere, the new ideas we provide below provide something to suit every style and will help you create a room you’ll love.

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6 Tips for a Successful Finished Basement Remodel

Posted by Brian Ciota on Wed, Dec 5, 2018

Finishing the basement in your home is a great way to maximize the space you already have, without having to add on any square footage in the form of an addition. Whether you want to go the more luxurious route and turn your basement into a home theater, or you’re simply looking for a way to create more living space in your home, finishing your basement is a great way to do so. However, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind for a successful basement remodel. Below, we cover 5 tips to get you started.

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