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6 Design Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets and Cabinet Hardware

Posted by Vince Petralito on Tue, Nov 24, 2015

Cabinets are the primary design element in a kitchen remodel. The selection of cabinet style, finish and hardware (i.e., pulls, knobs and hinges) will define the look and functionality of the new kitchen. Other design elements, including countertops, backsplashes and appliances, can be selected to complement the cabinets.

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Design Ideas: 8 Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures

Posted by Vince Petralito on Tue, Nov 17, 2015

If you’re planning to update or remodel your kitchen and have been viewing photos online or from magazines for ideas, you’ve probably noticed how lighting enhances the design.

Kitchen light fixtures can be both functional and attractive. They can provide proper illumination for work areas, and accentuate and complement architectural and decorative elements of a kitchen.

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Project of the Month: Syracuse Galley Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Nov 10, 2015

The owners of a home located in the City of Syracuse that was built in the 1920s transformed their galley kitchen to create a functional space with practical storage and efficent work areas.

New cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures, lighting and flooring give a bright new look and feel to the room. The kitchen was designed to blend with the architectural style of the home.

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The Latest on Lighting: CFL, LED and Halogen Light Bulbs

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Nov 3, 2015

If you’ve stopped by the hardware store recently looking to replace a light bulb, you’ve probably discovered that the store no longer carries the standard incandescent light bulbs that are so familiar to all of us. Instead, you’ve likely encountered a wide array of new light bulb products, some of which don’t look anything like our old bulbs.

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6 Awesome Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

Posted by Vince Petralito on Tue, Oct 27, 2015

Homeowners often tell us they want to add more storage space or improve storage when they plan to update or remodel a kitchen. Here are six kitchen storage design ideas that you may want to consider for your home.

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9 Important Safety Features for Walk-in Showers

Posted by Jayson Breckheimer on Tue, Oct 20, 2015

Walk-in showers are a popular home remodeling project. Many homeowners are eliminating the tub/shower combination and adding walk-in showers to their bathroom spaces. One reason for the change is safety. Walk-in showers are more easily accessible and you no longer have to step over a 15-inch side of a tub to enter or exit, which reduces the risk of falling.

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Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Paul Jones on Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Fall is the ideal time to do a maintenance check of your home to assure that you are ready for the winter months ahead. By checking your home in the fall and again in the spring after winter has passed you will be able to identify problems before they become major and expensive home repairs.

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Project of the Month: Elevated Deck Addition

Posted by Jayson Breckheimer on Tue, Oct 6, 2015

A deck addition built onto a raised ranch home in a suburban Syracuse, NY neighborhood provides an outdoor living space for entertaining, grilling and dining. The elevated deck was part of the homeowner’s master plan for a complete home renovation.

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Facts and Tips About Floor Care and Maintenance

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Sep 22, 2015

When remodeling, many homeowners choose hardwood flooring for the beauty, endurance and architectural interest it adds to a room. Traditional hardwoods come in a variety of natural woods, colors, plank sizes and finishes. Newer products, such as engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring with the look of hardwood, are growing in popularity. Luxury vinyl flooring is often installed in lower level remodeling and in areas of a home where hardwood flooring would not be practical.

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How to Select the Best Sink for Your Bathroom 

Posted by Jayson Breckheimer on Tue, Sep 15, 2015

If you’re planning to remodel or update a bathroom, you will need to purchase a sink. With so many options and styles how do you select the best sink for your bathroom? Here are five things to consider when choosing a bathroom sink.

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