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5 Home Remodeling Ideas to Make Winter More Bearable

Posted by Brian Ciota on Fri, Jan 26, 2018


It’s been a long, cold winter here in Central New York. The bad news is we’re not even halfway through the season yet. The good news? Luckily, you can think of your home as an oasis to get away from it all. There are plenty of remodeling ideas that will make your home both comfortable and cozy.

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Beginning a Home Addition

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Jan 16, 2018


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Home Design Ideas: These Are Predicted to Be the Biggest Trends in 2018

Posted by Brian Ciota on Fri, Jan 5, 2018

With a new year comes new design trends. If one of your resolutions in the new year is to give your home an upgrade, this is the perfect time to keep an eye out for design inspiration. While the weather is snowy and cold, you can start compiling ideas you’d like to show your trusted design-build contractor, who can help you find the designs that will be best suited to your home. Whether you’re thinking about doing a home addition or a home remodel, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular predicted design trends for 2018. Below you’ll find ideas for every room of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and everywhere in between.

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Beginning a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Dec 18, 2017

A kitchen remodel is by no means a small project, but it can be a worthwhile one if your kitchen is outdated, you aren’t happy with the layout, or it no longer matches up with your lifestyle or meets your current needs. After all, besides the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and functionality is a must if you want to do any cooking or entertaining. There are many factors to take into consideration before starting a kitchen remodel to ensure that it goes smoothly. Start off by asking yourself the 5 questions below, and you’ll be well on your way to a positive remodeling experience.

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Design Ideas: 5 Ways to Light Up Your Home as the Days Get Shorter

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Nov 27, 2017

As we officially move into the winter months, the days are growing shorter and the long evenings of natural summer light have come to an end. As a result, the lighting in your home becomes even more important in order to prolong the winter nights and complete any evening tasks before heading to bed. The early nights will call attention to any of the areas in your home that may need some extra illumination. If you notice that your interior lighting seems inadequate, it may be time for an update. Below we’ve provided 5 tips on how you can make your home cozy and bright even as the winter darkness surrounds your home.

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4 Kitchen Remodel Ideas that Will Take You from Cramped to Efficient

Posted by Brian Ciota on Mon, Nov 13, 2017


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Keep Out the Chill: 5 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Posted by Brian Ciota on Wed, Oct 25, 2017

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time CNY resident, or have only experienced a couple of winters here. All it takes is experiencing one winter to know that this season is no joke. Temperatures can drop rapidly, and the snow can start flying with little notice. With unpredictable winters come necessary preparations—especially when it comes to your home. Check out our list below to make sure your home will be warm and cozy all season long, so you can count down the days until summer in comfort.

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Make the Most of Your Home: 3 Ways to Create More Space Without Adding Square Footage

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Oct 17, 2017

When it comes to your home, space is a valuable commodity. Maybe you’d like to add a guest bedroom or need a home office. Or you’ve recently retired and now that you have more time, you want a designated area to entertain friends. The needs for space vary, but no matter your situation, you have options to make it happen. A home addition is a great solution to create more space, but it can be a large undertaking. If you’re looking for an alternative way to create more space, without adding square footage to your home, check out our three ideas below. You’d be surprised at the unutilized space that exists within your walls already.

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It’s Not Too Late for a Remodel: 3 Benefits of Home Remodeling in the Winter

Posted by Brian Ciota on Thu, Sep 28, 2017


While you may associate the mild weather of spring and summer with home remodeling, there are benefits to setting your sights on a timeframe that revolves around the cooler months. If you have dreams of a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom, don’t let them be derailed by cold weather! If you act now, by spring you could have your home remodeling project complete—while everyone else is just starting to line up. If you’re still not sure whether a winter remodel is for you, below we’ve listed 5 benefits to help you determine which timeframe is best.


  1. Contractor Availability
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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Complete These To-Dos Before Cold Weather Hits

Posted by Brian Ciota on Thu, Sep 21, 2017

Even if you’re not a fan of the Game of Thrones book and TV series, you’ve likely heard the phrase “Winter is coming” thrown around a time or two. In the series, it serves as a family motto, but for those of us living in CNY, it’s also a fact: whether we like it or not, winter is coming, and with it comes cold temperatures and heavy snowfall.

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