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Crafting Community: Cheers to Riseform

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When we found out that Andy Tidd, owner of Riseform Brewing in Marcellus was in need of a relocation, we were proud to “rise” to the challenge.

“We started talking with Brian [Ciota, Co-owner of McClurg] and Scott [McClurg, Founder and Co-owner] 18 months ago. Our ideas went through several iterations across multiple locations. They immediately came to us when they found out Riseform needed a new home and stuck with us throughout. They listened to what we needed, the specifics of which for a brewery are pretty daunting, what our vision is, the timeline—also daunting—and we pulled it together” says Tidd.


As a company deeply rooted in the Marcellus community, McClurg has come to know Andy and his family. We have been lucky enough to follow him on his journey of growth-- from bringing homemade beer for us to taste to watching his Brewery become a local hub where multiple generations of families come and spend time together.

The new location at 19 North Street, Marcellus, NY was the perfect relocation spot for Riseform patrons to call home and enjoy handcrafted beers named and dedicated to friends and family, such as “The Lovely”, a local favorite named to honor Tidd’s Father-in-Law or “Shh….I hear ‘em”, a nod to Tidd’s youngest.


From the beginning, our team was committed to ensuring that Riseform Brewing retained its charm and character in its new location. We worked closely with Andy and his wife Meg to understand their vision for the space and to develop a plan that would honor the brewery's mission while also providing necessary updates for its longevity.

Moving an entire brewery down the street was no small feat, but it was important to us to approach the task with professionalism and dedication. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the transition was seamless and on track. The entire project took 90 days, start to finish.

The space was previously retail, but the requirements for a brewery are similar to a restaurant so the plumbing and electrical were both heavy lifts. Walls were moved, bathrooms added, brewing space created, and an overall facelift” recalls Tidd.

Preserving the essence of the original space was paramount. We took great care to retain the elements that had made Riseform Brewing so special—the warm, inviting atmosphere, the sense of community, and, of course, the exceptional beer all while casting the subtle Fly-Fishing theme throughout. At the same time, we implemented necessary updates to ensure that the brewery would continue to serve patrons for years to come.

Cheers to you Andy and Meg, thank you for your trust in our team we had a “lovely” time working alongside you!

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