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Project of the Month: A Kitchen Makeover in Baldwinsville

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Cabinet finishes, counter surfaces and backsplash tile are the main decorative elements of a kitchen that determine the design style and look of the room. Changing these features can make a timeworn kitchen look new.

Our Project of the Month features a kitchen makeover for homeowners in Baldwinsville. The kitchen was in very good condition but did not complement or connect with adjacent living areas. The kitchen was transformed by repainting cabinets and installing new counters, cabinet hardware and a mosaic glass tile backsplash.


Small changes can create a huge impact in a room. This kitchen makeover includes changing the paint color of the cabinets and adding new hardware, new counter surfaces and a new backsplash.

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Homeowners’ Objectives

The homeowners wanted their kitchen to look as nice as their entryway and great room. The open concept kitchen is central to the first floor and opens to an entry, great room and sunroom. Updating the kitchen would affect the entire look of the home. The homeowners’ primary objective was to update the color of the cabinets and countertop to get a more modern and brighter look.

Project Challenges

1. Changing the color of the cabinets. The homeowners love their kitchen cabinets. They are well built and have nice features such as a wine rack, glass fronts, pullout drawers, corbels and crown molding. However, the finish on the maple cabinets had a "pink" hue. The homeowners did not want to replace the cabinets, only change the color.

2. Changing the countertops. The countertops were another element that the homeowners wanted to change. They were too dark for their taste and made the open kitchen seem confined. Aesthetically, the countertops did not help connect with the adjacent dining space and great room.


BEFORE: The finish on these maple cabinets has a pink undertone. The black counter surface made the open kitchen seem confined.

McClurg’s Solutions

1.  Repaint the cabinets.

White paint was selected to tone down the pink hue of the maple cabinets. The color choice complemented the new countertop, the existing trim color and the room colors in adjacent spaces. New hardware was added to update the cabinets. The walls were also repainted to unify the spaces.


White painted kitchen cabinets complement an adjacent great room.

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2.  Replace the countertops and backsplash.

The homeowners had already selected a solid surface quartz countertop that they loved. To complement the countertop and provide an elegant updated look to the kitchen, our designer suggested a glass marble mosaic tile backsplash.


The new counter surface and backsplash update the look of the kitchen and blend with other design elements in the open concept kitchen.

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In addition, the shape of the peninsula counter surface was changed from a curved to an angular shape. This change increased the surface area of the counter to provide more comfortable seating. The homeowners purchased new seats for the counter and for the adjacent dining area.


The angular shape of the new peninsula counter surface increases the surface area to provide more comfortable seating.

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