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Sleep In Heavenly Peace • Bunks Across America • McClurg

On June 15, 2019, The McClurg Team, The Marcellus Community, The Marcellus School District and volunteers and businesses across the county will join together to complete the largest SHP bunk bed build during the Bunks Across America National event.  

Q.  What is Sleep In Heavenly Peace?  

A. A national 501C3 Non Profit organization that builds bunk beds for kids ages 3-17, that do not have a bed to sleep in.  Our Syracuse chapter was founded in August 2018, and currently has over 450 bed requests outstanding.  SHP depends on their surrounding communities to fund and participate in "bunk-bed builds" in order to supply those in need with beds.  Each bed comes with a new mattress, mattress pad, sheets, pillow and blanket/comforter. 

Q.  What is Bunks Across America? 

A. This is the first ever national event held by SHP.  On June 15th, every SHP chapter will hold a bunk-bed build! 

Q.  How is McClurg Involved?

A.  We were contacted by Jeff, the son of Jerry Pitt, who was co-founder of McClurg Remodeling with Scott McClurg nearly 40 years ago. Jeff came to us with the idea of possibly hosting a bunk bed build for SHP.  We completed a 10-bunk build (20 beds) in February of this year.  It was a success, a lot of fun, and an eye opening experience learning about the need for beds in the Syracuse area. 

We recently learned about the upcoming Bunks Across American event, and decided that we wanted to make an impact that would reach hundreds of kids in our communities...and with that, we decided that building 101+ bunk beds in 1 day was our goal for the event!

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"No Kid Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town"

To carry out a 101+ bunk bed build…we’ll need over $35,000, 200+ volunteers, twin bedding to fully complete the bunks and a whole lot of positive energy, support and dedication. 

We hope you’ll join us in this effort by bringing our community together, and supporting our Syracuse Chapter of Sleep In Heavenly Peace.  We want to set the bar at the highest position possible, and truly carry out the mission of this organization:  

“No Kid Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town” 

If you would like to speak further about this event, donation opportunities, volunteer opportunities or have general questions - they can be directed to:  

Jill Bristol

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