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Interior Room Colors Inspired By Fall

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Sep 24, 2013

Fall is a time for thinking about home improvement projects. Many Central New Yorkers look for inspiration at the Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes is sponsored by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of CNY and we’re proud to be a member.  

After visiting the event, often homeowners consider products, designs and paint colors that they would like for their own homes. Paint can update the appearance and style of a home, so people are interested in the current colors used. If painting a room or two is on your “to do” list this fall, here are some of the colors that interior designers used in the Parade of Homes and a few of our favorites from the Benjamin Moore palette.

Interior Trims

This year one of the most notable trends at the Parade of Homes was white interior trim. White moldings, doors and window trim can unify the rooms of a home and highlight architectural features. Our go-to paint colors for interior trims are:

Decorators White CC 20 Decorators White CC 20. Many of the interior designers at the Parade of Homes featured gray, green and blue paint colors in kitchens and other rooms. “Decorators White” has a gray undertone that complements a range of paint colors, especially grays, blues, greens and yellows.
Super White PM 1 Super White PM-1. White paint will reflect color and light in a room. If you’re concerned about undertones, “Super White” is a clear, simple color for trims with no tints. It augments any wall color and is virtually foolproof.


Hot Shades of Gray

Gray was the dominant wall color used by designers at the “Parade of Homes”. Some of the homes had a monochromatic palette featuring gray wall colors in various values — light, medium and dark tones. Gray was also used on ceilings. The colors featured include:

Wickham Gray HC 171 Wickham Gray HC 171. “Wickham Gray” is a neutral interior color and a warm shade mid-tone gray. It was used on walls, ceilings and in hallways.
Chelsea Gray HC 168 Chelsea Gray HC 168. This darker shade of gray was used in an office, half bath, master bedroom and as an accent color on a coffered ceiling and on walls behind white shelves in a family room. It has a brown undertone that warms it in a room. Gold and cream complement this color in a home.
Stone 2112 40 Stone 2112-40. “Stone” is a stunning shade of gray with a red undertone that made it look as though there was a hint of deep purple in the color. It was used in a half bath.


Gold and Tan

Gold, brown, orange and red are the colors of fall. This year, designers featured these colors in several homes. These are some of our favorites:

Shelburne Buff HC 28 Shelburne Buff HC 28. This classic shade of gold was used in a kitchen, banquette and dining area of a home with an open concept floor plan.  It brightened dark counters in the kitchen and complemented the white cabinetry and dark wood accent furniture.
Clarksville Gray HC 102 Clarksville Gray HC-102. Paint companies come up with unusual names for colors, this is one of them. “Clarksville Gray” is a mid-tone brown with an olive undertone. It was used in a master bedroom and bath. Benjamin Moore paired it with a color named “Onondaga Clay 1205”. Reds and yellows are good accent colors to use with “Clarksville Gray”.
Wicker Basket CSP 255 Wicker Basket CSP-255. “Wicker Basket” is a mid-tone tan with a red undertone that makes it a “taupe” shade of brown. It was selected for a hallway and guest bedroom in a home that also featured “Clarksville Gray” and “Shelburne Buff”.


Pops of Color

Bright colors were used throughout the homes showcased in wall art, furnishings, children’s bedrooms and baths and in family areas. Here are four dynamic wall colors featured:

Pink Flamingo CSP 1175 Pink Flamingo CSP-1175. This cheerful shade of coral was used for a teenage girl’s bedroom. It was paired with white trim and white built-in shelving. Accent colors in the room were apple green and oranges.
Central Park 431 Central Park 431. A child’s room was painted in this bright cheerful green. White trims and furniture and accents of teal and pink made this room a place that a young girl would love.
Calming Aloe 533 Calming Aloe 533. This paint color is aptly named. It is a soothing shade of green that was used for a children’s bathroom where a colorful mural was painted. It is also a color that looks great with teal and beige in a room.
Mystic Lake CSP 745 Mystic Lake CPS-745. A family room in an open-concept home was painted in this blue-gray color.  There were dark wood, red and gold furnishings in the room and a gray natural floor-to-ceiling fireplace that was the focal point.


If you attended the Parade of Homes this year, what ideas did you find for your home?

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