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Our Picks for the Best Bathroom Design Trends for 2011

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Jan 11, 2011

We've remodeled bathrooms for many homeowners over the years and through our experience we've learned that trends change with the availability of new products and creative designs which alter the look and use of the space. Bathrooms should be designed to address the needs of people in your home and also reflect your lifestyle. If you’ve made a resolution to remodel a bathroom this year, consider incorporating the following products and ideas that we've identified as the latest bathroom design trends for 2011:

  1. Spa features. Many homeowners we work with enjoy adding spa features to their master bathrooms. Popular items include luxury whirlpool tubs, soaking tubs, showers with wall jets and rainfall showerheads, heated flooring, elegant light fixtures and a wide range of video and audio equipment.

  2. Heated floors. Central New York mornings and evenings can be very cold. Heated floors add comfort to bathrooms and the heating units can be installed under tile or laminate flooring.

  3. Furniture style cabinets and accent pieces. The National Kitchen and Bath Association's Inspiration Gallery shows a number of bathrooms with furniture style cabinets, which work well in powder rooms. They can also be an elegant addition to a master bathroom.

  4. Walk-in showers. A walk-in shower can be a small corner unit or a large "wet room." Many homeowners are replacing traditional tub-shower combinations with walk-in showers that include a shower seat, multiple showerheads and even wall jets.

  5. Stone flooring and wall accents. Natural stone and pebble flooring is a hot trend in bathroom design. Porcelain tile and laminates are also made to replicate natural stone and offer a cost-effective option if you like the look.

  6. Shower seats. A shower seat is becoming a must-have for bathroom remodels. It provides space for storing bath essentials and a place to sit when shaving. For people with limited mobility, a shower seat is essential.

  7. Safety accessories. Consider “Universal Design” features when planning your bathroom such as grab bars. Manufacturers are now designing attractive grab bars that can look like towel bars. For walk-in showers, consider low or level thresholds. 

  8. Water saving features. Most home water use is attributed to bathrooms. Low-flow faucets and showerheads, and water conserving toilets, can reduce your home's water consumption.

  9. Granite surfacess. Granite continues to be favored among homeowners for its style and durability. Granite can be used on countertops but also on shower walls and tub surrounds.

  10. Natural lighting. Think about adding a skylight or sun tunnel to your bathroom space. Natural lighting not only illuminates the space but is great if you want to grow plants in the room.

  11. Go “Green”. Install a solar water heater to save on your energy bills and to be eco-friendly.

  12. Add decorative faucets and hardware. Personalize your space by choosing from hundreds of decorative products designed for bathroom.

If you’re looking for some state of the art and futuristic features check out HGTV. Several of their designers visited a trade show and saw new products which include glass counter surfaces and panels, body drying units which save on use of towels, low flow toilets and even a space saving machine that washes, then dries up to nine pounds of laundry and is small enough to install in a bathroom.

How do our trends compare with what you’ve seen or heard from others?

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