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Project of the Month: Camillus Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Brian Ciota on Tue, Jul 1, 2014

Our Project of the Month is a kitchen remodel for homeowners in Camillus, NY who needed more storage and food prep space. They wanted a sleek, modern look for their new kitchen to make it an inviting space for cooking and entertaining.

kitchen island with quartz surface

A new kitchen island with a quartz surface provides space for storage, food prep and informal dining. The counter was fabricated to include an overhang that provides seating for three. Two contemporary pendant lights illuminate the island. Dark cabinets and new granite perimeter counters offset with travertine tiles, wood flooring and modern pendant lighting create the look desired by the homeowners.

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Homeowners’ Objectives

The original kitchen had some minor updates over the years but the layout did not meet the homeowners’ current needs. A peninsula provided a seating area but there were few storage cabinets. The food prep space was limited for preparing meals. A large fluorescent light provided general lighting for the room. The linoleum flooring and laminate counters were becoming worn and out-of-date. Overall, there was a considerable amount of wasted space in the configuration.

BEFORE kitchen and dining area


The homeowners’ objectives included:

  1. Create more functional workspace in the kitchen.
  2. Add more storage cabinets.
  3. Add a functional and stylish backsplash to the sink, counter and stove areas and improve task and general lighting.
  4. Replace the flooring and appliances.
  5. Improve overall lighting and add architectural definition by design to the open floor plan.

McClurg’s Solutions

1.  Add an island for more functional workspace.

There was adequate space in the kitchen for an island that would improve the traffic flow, add an adequate surface for food prep and provide seating for three people.

2. Reconfigure cabinet placement.

The original kitchen floor plan had few cabinets. The empty wall space in the room could be used to reconfigure cabinet placement. Appliances were also outdated and needed to be replaced. Cabinets could be reconfigured around the new appliances. Crown molding was added to enhance the look of the cabinets. The curved profile of the molding creates an illusion of height in the room.

kitchen cabinets and appliances

The renovated kitchen with new cabinets from Kitchen Express in Homecrest Cambride Maple has a new configuration with state-of-the-art appliances and more counter and storage space. A tall pantry cabinet was added along with base cabinets that are used for the island. The island surface is quartz by Cambria in “Minera” from Busch Products.

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3.  Design a stylish backsplash to complement the cabinets and counter surface and add task lighting.

The owners wanted to update the backsplash around work areas of the kitchen. They also want to improve the kitchen lighting. The two primary light sources in the kitchen were a window and an overhead fluorescent light fixture. Illumination over counter surfaces would greatly improve work areas.

kitchen counter and backsplash

The counters of the perimeter are “Verde Peacock” granite from Busch Products. Backsplash field tiles are from Best Tile. They are 6-by-6 inch Roman Travertine tiles in Silver and the accent tile is Dobkin Brown “Matrix Listello.” The backsplash adds both function and style to the kitchen. Recessed and undercabinet lights provide task lighting on the counter areas.

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4.  Install oak floors and stainless steel appliances.

Oak flooring with a natural finish complements the cabinets and stainless steel appliances providing a bright, updated look of the kitchen.

kitchen with stainless steel appliances and oak floors

Updated appliances and new prefinished red oak flooring help to define the space and provide an interesting contrast to the rich wood stain of the cabinets and the sparkle of the backsplash. The flooring extends into the family room area.

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5.  Install modern track lighting to illuminate and define the kitchen space in the open floor plan.

The original kitchen opened into an informal dining area with a 1980s Tiffany-style light fixture over a table and a family room. While the owners like the open area, they wanted to define the space with architectural details.

illuminated kitchen with track lighting

A modern track light provides both illumination and serves to separate the kitchen from the dining/living area in an open floor plan. Columns in the living room are made of the same material as the cabinets. The lighting design included two pendant lights over the island and recessed lights over the work areas.

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