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The Hottest Interior Paint Colors for 2013


interior paintsIn our business we see a lot of colors used in Central New York homes. We predict that whites, neutrals and grays will remain strong but we love to see rooms with color that enhances wood flooring, furniture and cabinetry.

When our customers remodel a room they frequently ask for our advice about paint colors. We often use Benjamin Moore and PPG Pittsburgh Paints because of the reliability of both color and performance and we are most familiar with those products.

Here are our picks for The Hottest Interior Paint Colors for 2013:


Whites can be tricky because they have color undertones. We like Benjamin Moore’s whites. We’ve selected 4 whites with subtle undertones and a pure white from their extensive palette. These shades work well as wall colors or can be used as accent colors on trim, cabinets and furniture.

White Dove OC-17 White Dove OC-17. White with a gray undertone.
Mountain Peak White 2148-70 Mountain Peak White 2148-70. White with a beige undertone.
Mayonnaise OC 85 Mayonnaise OC-85. This is a tried and true shade of white with a cream undertone used by many designers and on our list of colors for 2012.
Snow White OC 66 Snow White OC-66. White with a blue undertone.
Super White PM 1 Super White PM-1. This is a pure white color with no undertones.



Beige works with many colors as a neutral background. Beige looks great with white or wood trims and complements blues, tans, greens, reds, oranges purples and blacks. One of our favorite pairings with beige is aqua as an accent. We have listed four different values of beige that range from lightest to darkest and have specified undertones.

Navajo White PM 29 Navajo White PM-29. This is one of Benjamin Moore’s best selling classic colors and remains on our list for 2013. It is a light, creamy beige with soft yellow undertones.
Hush AF 95 Hush AF-95.  A classic warm beige from Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Colors and a Pottery Barn color from “Summer 2011”. Benjamin Moore shows this as a ceiling color paired with soft red and as a trim color paired with chartreuse green. We like it as a wall color.
Annapolis Gray PM 14 Annapolis Gray PM-14. This color again is a classic that we have seen in a number of homes. It has taupe/gray undertones and looks great with Annapolis Green, a soft aqua.
Deer Path Deer Path 1047. This is a stunning color that was featured at the 2012 Parade of Homes in a home with an open floor plan and dark cabinetry and black granite. It is a warm shade of beige with a golden undertone that accentuates dark colors and wood finishes.



Gray was one of the hottest interior colors in 2012 because it grounds almost any color scheme used in a room. Black, white, red, orange, blue, yellow and purple all look great against a gray wall. In bathrooms, gray complements white fixtures, tile and marble surfaces. We’ve selected three hues and listed them from lightest to darkest.

Horizon OC 53 Horizon OC 53. This is one of Benjamin Moore’s classic colors often used by designers, including Candice Olsen.  It is a true gray that pairs well with yellows, reds, pinks, blues, blacks and an assortment of other colors. It is great as a neutral and when Decorators White is used for trim.
Stonington Gray HC 170 Stonington Gray HC-170. A mid-tone gray from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Colors that pairs well with russets and purple colors.
Flagstone 518 4 Flagstone 518-4. This is a warm gray Pittsburgh Paint color that looks great in a masculine bedroom or study. It can also be used as an exterior color. It pairs well with white trim and black, navy, orange, dark purple, gold, off-white and silver accents.



Blue, in a variety of hues, will be hot this year. We’re seeing pops of turquoise in magazines used primarily as an accent in kitchens. We’re also seeing blues paired with yellows, browns and beiges. The undertones include green, gray and violet. Blue is also being used as a pale wash on walls with white trim. Based on these trends we like:

Lookout Point 1646 Lookout Point 1646. This pale blue has a touch of gray and works well if you need a wash of color.
Wythe Blue HC 143 Wythe Blue HC-143. We were not surprised when Benjamin Moore picked this blue as it’s 2012 color of the year. It really is beautiful and versatile.
Celestial Blue 451 7 Celestial Blue 451-7. This is a blue from Pittsburgh Paint that we’ve tried and like because of the coverage when applied to a wall and the way it looks with white trim and black, orange and red accents.
Blue Lagoon 2054 40 Blue Lagoon 2054-40. If you really like that flash of turquoise you’ve been seeing everywhere, try this color.



Yellow is one of those colors that can be very intense or very pale. It can also have undertones of orange, green, peach, and black.

Lemon Sorbet 2019 60 Lemon Sorbet 2019-60. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2013 is a very bright soft yellow.
Precious Ivory 185 Precious Ivory 185. If you are looking for a yellow to use as a neutral, this is it. This color looks good in rooms with white trim, brick fireplaces, hardwood floors, dark wood and doesn’t scream yellow. Try it in hallways, bedrooms and main living areas.



Midtone colors are bright and blend well with other accent colors.

Raspberry Parfait 2172 40 Raspberry Parfait  2172-40. This color is a fantastic wall color. If you have Mission Oak furniture, give this color a try. It was featured in the Stickley Audi furniture showroom. Try it with Mayonnaise accents.
Goldfinch Goldfinch 187. This gold has a brown tone that looks great with black, coral, green.
Annapolis Green 687 Annapolis Green 687. This blue/green pairs well with beige, brown, gray and cream.
Liberty Park 487 Liberty Park 487. Green is one of the most difficult colors to pick. There are always strong undertones that come through such as yellow, blue, black, gray and brown. This is a color that will work with creams, natural wood finishes and oak flooring.



Are you afraid of the dark? Dark colors, that is. Bright, deep colors can really enhance a home and bring out architectural elements especially in kitchens, half bathrooms and dining rooms. We have a few to try:

Pomegranate AF 295 Red: Pomegranate AF-295. This is a red that you won’t get tired of. Try Mayonnaise as a trim color.
Pennies From Heaven 063 Orange: Pennies From Heaven 063. Coppery oranges can warm up a family room, kitchen or bath.
Grappa 1393 Purple: Grappa 1393. If you’re looking for something different, this may be it. Grappa is a deep grape color that is awesome with green and creams.
Greenfield Pumpkin HC 40 Brown/Tan: Greenfield Pumpkin HC-40. Cambria has a color match tool that paired this bold brown color with black. The impact was stunning.
Witching Hour 2120 30 Black: Witching Hour 2120-30. We saw black used in the 2012 Parade of Homes in a powder room and as an accent. If you want to paint it black, try this color. It’s a soft black that looks good with green, tan and cream colors.



We have a “go to” color for trim.

Decorators White PM 3 Decorators White PM-3. This is a versatile color that works with any almost any color. It has a slight note of gray that tones it down as a trim color.


The Hottest Interior Room Colors for 2014

If you’re searching for interior colors check out our 2012 hottest color selections, too.


How to Select Room Colors


I love the colors and the suggestions; thanks! I have an open living/kitchen/dining area that I would LOVE to paint (currently a gold from previous owner) but I am unsure which color to go with. I have black leather sofas (traditional style, not modern) and white trim, lots of natural lighting (but it's cloudy here a lot), medium oak table and chairs, maple cabinetry (which I would like to paint white eventually), cream carpet, and beige tile countertops and fireplace surround (which I hate but are not going anywhere for the time being!). Could I go with the Wythe blue, or would that bring out the pink in the tile and the red in the woodwork? Would Horizon be better? It really needs help, but will have to be a little at a time... 
Thank you for any ideas! 
Posted @ Thursday, May 30, 2013 7:59 PM by Jennifer
Hi Jennifer, 
Thanks for the comments and questions on color! It is always best to have someone look at your space in person. Natural lighting and fluorescent/incandescent lighting will always modify colors and make them appear different within spaces; this is especially true for whites. That being said from what you have described to me I would steer away from Horizon. With the cream carpet, white trim, and beige countertops it will be tricky to integrate yet another white/neutral. The Whythe Blue may work well, it is hard to say whether it will enhance the pinks in the tile or not. I would suggest painting a swatch on the wall or grabbing a paint chip and testing it out before painting the whole space. Also with the Whythe Blue it may make the space dreary. You had mentioned you have a lot of overcast and clouds, and with a cool color like Whythe blue this overcast feeling my be enhanced. I would take a look at the Liberty Park 487, this green may warm up your space and unify all your neutrals. Again, thanks for your comments and questions, please feel free to write again!
Posted @ Monday, June 03, 2013 9:12 AM by Lauren
Thank you! I actually got some samples over the weekend to play around with and you are correct about both the grey and the blue--good call! I will try playing around with greens and tans next... 
Posted @ Monday, June 03, 2013 9:52 AM by Jennifer
I want to use one color throughout,as I may be selling next year.Floors are mid tone dark.will be painting my old cabinet s either white or creamy.I am looking at HUSH,TRIED A SAMPLE LOOKED GOOD IN ALL LIGHT. Or should I go with Gray.Thanks
Posted @ Saturday, August 17, 2013 11:37 AM by ann
Dear Ann: 
Staging your house for sale is important. From a painters point of view my suggestion to my customers is to keep the color choice neutral, a soft shade that will blend with most anything like Benjamin Moore's Linen White for exaample. That is always the safest way to go; accent with knicknacks and maybe some plants, bright throw pillows, etc. We have painted many houses that were going on the market and most realtors we work with agree with our approach. Good luck to you.
Posted @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:37 AM by Larry Metzger
My home seems dark and has low ceilings. I like BM Linen White on the walls. Would BM Simple White look good on the trim. 
Also, what mid-tone paint coordinates with BM Linen White? 
Thanks for your help.
Posted @ Thursday, December 26, 2013 3:09 AM by Therese
The Simple White on the trim will work fine with the Linen White on the walls. Another popular option for is to use BM Super White for the trim with the Linen White walls. As far as the mid-tones, the choices are extensive for what will work with Linen White and wall color can change depending on daylight. I would suggest either consulting with an interior designer that can see your space or bringing samples into the room so you can see how they look during different times of the day. 
Posted @ Monday, December 30, 2013 6:32 AM by Brian Ciota
My kitchen walls are oc-40, cabinets are chocolate brown. Would oc-17 look good on the trim? 
Posted @ Sunday, March 09, 2014 6:23 PM by Daniela
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